Goal #1

…is to provide consumers with great ideas for improving and enhancing their homes. HomeTrends has page after page of professionally designed home improvement and décor advertising.

Goal #2

In today’s world, almost everyone is driven by the desire to find the best deals, and values for their favorite brands or businesses. What we do stands out and delivers superior results, we offer solutions that can be easily measured and verified with accurate calling analytics.

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…leverage the latest in technology, design, and best practices in order to hit the “right homes” with your advertising dollars!

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Why HomeTrends?

We are not just another magazine!
At HomeTrends, we believe that direct mail is an amazing opportunity for business owners to reach their potential customers, but most publications fail to take into consideration the home-improvement industries unique needs. The old ways just don’t work anymore.

We strive to challenge the status quo in all aspects of our magazine:

  • In the way we represent our clients
  • In the way we design our magazine
  • In the clients we choose to represent

What makes us different?

We  look different:

  • We have created a publication that is equal to the sophistication level of the high-end partners we represent, all the way down to the premium special order paper we use for the publication.

We act different:

Is your company known for quality work? If so, we want to talk to you!
  • We tailor our programs to the home-improvement industries unique needs and goals. Please ask us how we do this.
  • We limit the size of each issue. Once it’s sold out, its sold out.
  • We limit the number of businesses in each category to three, which maximizes your advertising dollars.
  • We vet every contractor in our magazine. They must pass our 5 point “Eithics in Business” background check before we extend an offer for partnership. Simply put, you cannot buy your way into our magazine.
  • Advertising consultant

We feel different:

  • We feel that only by creating lasting partnerships with our clients can we be successful, which is why you will always hear us refer to you as partners. Our success depends on your success.
  • The unique challenges that home-improvement business owners face, such as seasonality and the high volume of time in the field, traditional pricing programs can create their own set of challenges. For this reason, HomeTrends created and designed 3 pricing plans for you to choose from: Traditional, The Founders Opportunity, and Membership based pricing. You decide which works best for your schedule.
  • We feel that quality companies cannot compete with “Chuck and a Truck” on price, and Chuck cannot compete with the legitimate contractors on quality. Which is why we levelled the playing field with our “Ethics in Business” background check.

The last question is…

How can HomeTrends help you meet your goals in the coming year?