About Us



With an extensive background in the direct mail arena, the HomeTrends leadership team offers an in-depth knowledge print and digital marketing. The products and their dedication to “Ethics in Business” have attracted the best marketing consultants and creative minds in the industry. HomeTrends has truly developed a family mentality between all those who operate within it.


Decades of Experience

The HomeTrends Leadership team offers more than 25 years experience in Print and Digital marketing, possess a strong digital knowledge, the ability to analyze, understand and communicate logistics and functionality of digital advertising. Having been business owners in the past, and having worked directly with them for decades, the leadership team understands the challenges business owners face. Their consultants and the designers are experts at reaching target demographics, with their eye-catching marketing campaigns.


Team of Skilled Pros

Each of our marketing and design professionals has extensive backgrounds in marketing, ad design and creation, and are known for their relationship based approach to advertising. By partnering with HomeTrends, you can rest assured that we truly want the best for you and your company. Our years of experience enable us to offer design ideas, creative concepts and publication strategies to increase your revenues. We are more than just a magazine, we offer you “advertising agency” quality services.


Our Commitment To You

We have committed ourselves to changing the way our partners view print media by challenging the traditional practices our industry is known for. We do this by only representing companies we believe meet our standards of excellence, tailoring our marketing programs to the unique needs of the home improvement industry, and by developing partnerships instead of “a book of business.”

We are committed to changing the way our clients view print media by challenging the traditional practices our industry is known for.

Ask us how we are doing this.

Our Works

Over the years we’ve taken hundreds of projects, succeeding in every single one of those!

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Values We Live By

  • Not all home improvement companies are created equal. We represent only those who conduct themselves with honesty and integrity.
  • Not all potential customers are created equal. We mail to homeowners who value quality craftsmanship over the lowest price.
  • Not all print media is created equal. We believe that by focusing on the unique needs of our partners first, the other elements needed for a successful publication will naturally fall into place.

Our Mission

Our mission is to radically change the way business owners view print media by forging partnerships instead of programs, while representing ONLY highly ethical companies.

We Are Specialists In The Home Improvement Industry

With more than 25 years combined experience, we understand the challenges you face, the seasonality of your business, and the current trends homeowners are looking for. As such, we focus 100% on the home improvement industry.

We Are Free To The Homeowner

We distribute Home Trends to DFW top 300,000 homes every month, free of charge. Our magazine acts as a virtual “Project Wish List” they envision for their home.